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35+ sessions exploring faith & creativity with Christians from around the world πŸ₯³


The Creative Christianity Summit

Over 35 sessions exploring faith and creativity that you can fit around lockdown life πŸ₯³

We've got Bible teaching, interviews with thought leaders, sessions looking at creativity in the arts, and creative workshops designed to be done at home.

Listen to graphic designers, writers, illustrators, actors, photographers, artists, church & ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and many more discuss all things faith & creativity.

Plus, try your hand at Bible journaling, origami, creative sermon notes, crochet, and hand lettering in the digital workshops.

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Here's what you get when join the Summit...

  • Over 35 sessions you can watch from your living room, or your kitchen, or your garden, or your home office.
  • 30+ sessions, including Bible teaching, interviews, and sessions exploring faith and creative practice
  • Digital workshops including origami, Bible journaling, crochet, and hand lettering
  • An exclusive Facebook group community celebrating and encouraging all things creative
  • 12-month access to content recordings

Why the Creative Christianity Summit? πŸ€”

In 2019, Cheerfully Given hosted the first Creative Christianity Conference in London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

With a small central London venue, we hosted over 200 delegates, who took part in 6 creative workshops and 7 teaching sessions exploring different elements of faith and creativity, as well as a marketplace of Christian artists and designers from around the UK. With the response we got from our audience, we realised we could have filled a bigger venue twice-over!

The feedback we got on the day was incredible, and led to expressions of interest from four Church of England dioceses as well as a smaller conference in Northern Ireland in October 2019.

We were all set to run the second conference on Saturday 20th June, 2020, but due to Covid-19 we had to develop an alternative solution πŸ€“

So the plans to take the conference digital got under way.

Our aim with the Creative Christianity Summit is to create a joyful and fun experience for people that highlights some of the amazing ways people can engage with who Jesus is through the creative arts. 

We want to encourage people to look to Jesus, and have their hearts and minds opened to Him through inspirational stories and sessions based around faith and creativity.

We know that in Jesus we can get the biggest vision of truth and reality - what does that mean when it’s expressed in visual, musical, theatrical, and written forms? How can we encourage people to take this seriously?

Join us, along with over 28 incredible, inspiring creative Christians to explore these things and more.

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⭐️ Who Is the Creative Christianity Summit for? ⭐️


Whether you're an aspiring creative, or you've got decades of experience under your belt, this summit is an opportunity to connect with other people who share your heart and get a fresh vision for what your gifts are all about.

People Interested in Jesus

The summit looks at who Jesus is through the creative arts. So whether or not you're currently a Christian, if that's something that sounds interesting to you? You are welcome with us!

Churches & Ministries

Creative gifts have been fundamental to church life since the Tabernacle, but the modern church sometimes struggles to see how. As well as exploring the nature of faith and creativity, join us for sessions on branding, marketing, and social media that will help you grow.

... you! 😘

If it's of interest to you? It's for you.

This is a joy-filled, exciting experience wherever you are on your journey of faith and creativity, and we would love to have you join us.

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😍 The Summit Speakers 😍

Thea Muir
Artist and Founder of I Am So Many Things

Nona Jones
Nona Jones Ministries & Head of Global Faith Based Partnerships at Facebook

Breeny Lee
Content Creator & Life Coach

Rev Dr Paul Blackham
Theologian & Bible Teacher, Founder of Biblical Frameworks

Saltmine Theatre Company
Sharing Jesus through theatrical arts

Ian Barnard
Hand lettering artist

Josie Gamble
Creative Director at Christian Creative Network UK

Bonita Ebuehi
Entrepreneur at Bonita Ivie Prints and The Sister Table

Janina Victoria
Graphic Designer at Hillsong UK and Watercolour Artist

Taylor Satchell Reid
Founder & Editor of Clarity Magazine

Sierra Pruitt
Photographer & Host of the Image of God podcast

Amber Leach
Business Coach for Creatives at Audacious Lives

Benj Lyon
Head of Comms for Living Rock Church & Founder of Create Conference

Patrick & Maya Laurent
Creative Missionaries & Founders of Laurent Collective

Ruth-Yimika Afolabi
Author, Speaker & Founder of Magnify

Kathryn Hitchings
Head of Art specialising in teaching art to autistic & neurodiverse young people

Chloe Ainsley
Eco-friendly designer at Chloe Ainsley Creative

Jordan Raynor
Entrepreneur & Author of Called to Create

Martha Shrimpton
Actor and Director of Nimbus Collective

Luke Tonge
Graphic Designer, Founder of Birmingham Design Festival & CRTD

🎨 As well as creative workshops from... 🎨

Origami Est
Origami workshop

Living Letter Designs
Brush lettering workshop

Jonathan Self
Photographer & Creator of "Cultivating Wonder", an online photography class for children aged 5-10 and 11-16

HK Creations
Bible journaling workshop

Doodling Faith
Bible journaling workshop

Jordan Irwin
Crochet a Rainbow workshop

Create with Christie
Creative sermon notes workshop

Ian Barnard
Hand lettering challenge

This sounds amazing, sign me up!

And your host...

This event is hosted by Menekse Stewart, founder of Cheerfully Given. Cheerfully Given is a UK-based organisation with a marketplace of over 180 Christian artists and designers.

As well as our marketplace, we work with churches around the UK to create beautiful workshops and events, and provide resources and support for creative business owners to grow their businesses.

Menekse interviews guest experts, as well as delivering two sessions on Jesus the Artist and Running a Christian Business.

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How Does It Work?

Once you've paid for your space, you'll be emailed a link to access all of the Summit content. You'll be able to watch them at your leisure, as well as joining our super fun community group on Facebook (if you have Facebook!).

The Summit content is split into "days" so you can work your way through the sessions, beginning with Bible teaching, followed by interviews, keynote sessions, and creative workshops.

You can watch the sessions at your leisure, and join in with live Q&As throughout the year in our Facebook group.

πŸ’› Timetable πŸ’›

Our sessions are all available for 12 months from the date you purchase your space, so you can rewatch them at your convenience!

Day 1

Jesus is the Centre of Everything - with Paul Blackham

Identity: An Interview with Content Creator & Life Coach Breeny Lee

I Am So Many Things: A Session Exploring Identity & Creativity with artist Thea Muir

A Digital Origami Workshop with author & paper artist Origami Est

Creativity for All: Art and Inclusion with Kathryn Hitchings, Head of Art specialising in teaching art to autistic & neurodiverse young people

The Power of Branding & Design: An Interview with Graphic Designer Luke Tonge

Day 2

Jesus is the Fullness of God with - Paul Blackham

An Interview with artist Bonita Ebuehi, entrepreneur behind Bonita Ivie Prints & The Sister Table

Cultivating Wonder: A Mini Photography Workshop for Children with Jonathan Self

Bible Journaling Workshop with
Doodling Faith

Creativity in Church: An Interview with Martha Shrimpton

Single Mum to Six Figures: Building a Creative Business with Amber Leach

Being a Creative Missionary with Patrick and Maya Laurent of Laurent Collective

Day 3

Jesus is the Reality - with Paul Blackham

Communicating the Unseen: An Interview with Janina Victoria, Watercolour Artist & Creative Director at Hillsong UK

Faith & Social Media: Discipleship in a Digital Age with Nona Jones of Nona Jones Ministries and Global Head of Faith Partnerships at Facebook

Bible Journaling Workshop with
HK Creations

Marketing for Jesus: with Benn Price, Head of Marketing for UCB and Founder of StaffDesignCo

An Interview with Taylor Satchell Reid, Founder & Editor of Clarity Magazine

How We Communicate: An Interview with Benj Lyon of Create Conference

Day 4

Jesus is at the Right Hand of God - with Paul Blackham

Hand Lettering & Typography: An Interview with Ian Barnard

Cultivating Creative Community with Josie Gamble, Director of Christian Creative Network UK

A Hand Lettering Challenge with
Ian Barnard

Eco Friendly Creativity - Being Good Stewards of Creation: An Interview with Chloe Ainsley of Chloe Ainsley Creative

Jesus the Artist: A Session with Menekse Stewart of Cheerfully Given

Day 5

Jesus is our Master in Heaven - with Paul Blackham

Called to Create? An Interview with Jordan Raynor, author of Called to Create and Master of One, and founder of Jordan Raynor & Company

An Interview with Ruth-Yimika Afolabi, Founder & Editor of MAGNIFY

A Watercolour Workshop with
Temitope Manning from Living Letter Designs

Sharing Jesus Through Theatre: An Interview with Saltmine Theatre Company

Image of God: A Session with Sierra Pruitt, Photographer & Founder of the Image of God podcast

πŸ₯³ PLUS! πŸ₯³

12 month access to the recordings

A Facebook group to connect with other attendees, encourage one another, share your creative endeavours and get inspired

Live Q&As with some of our speakers

PDFs, templates, and prompts to help you explore your own journey of faith and creativity

Ideas for how you can serve your local church using creativity

... And so much more!

πŸ’• Everyone is loving the Summit! πŸ’•

It's 35+ sessions of fun, faith, and creativity.

It's 35+ sessions of inspiration, storytelling, and catching a bigger vision of reality.

It's 35+ sessions of community, encouragement, and connection.

It's 35+ sessions of joy, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

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  • A virtual summit focused on Jesus & creativity
  • 12-month access to recordings
  • 35+ sessions exploring faith and creativity
  • Digital workshops to learn new creative skills
  • Exclusive Facebook group including live Q&As and fun activities

Get all of this for a one-time price of:

Β£79 Β£39

Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What is the Creative Christianity Summit? 

It's a virtual summit, featuring over 28 speakers exploring faith and creativity. From Bible teaching to sessions exploring creative practice, interviews with industry leaders, and creative workshops for you to try your hand at something new - all accessible from your home (or your garden, if the weather's good!).

Where does the Creative Christianity Summit take place? 

Online! So you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. You'll get your own exclusive login to access the sessions, plus, we have an attendees-only Facebook group so you can share your creativity and be encouraged by other Christians exploring these subjects!

How long will I have access to the Creative Christianity Summit recordings? 

You'll get 12-month access to the summit recordings to watch at your leisure.

How much does the Creative Christianity Summit cost? 

The normal ticket price is Β£79, but you can purchase a ticket for Β£39 for a limited time. This works out at around $48 USD - you can check the conversion rate into your currency using XE by clicking here.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees for the Creative Christianity Summit? 

Due to the digital nature of this event, tickets are non-refundable. We are certain that you'll love it.

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